Introducing a new generation in bearing technology!
Today’s rail industry workhorse is the Cartridge TBU (Tapered Bearing Unit).

Cartridge TBU bearings produced by EPK-Brenco, a joint venture between Amsted Rail Company and EPK. offer longer overhaul warranty periods, heavy haul capabilities, and allow railways to operate at higher speeds, compared to cylindrical bearings.  

Unlike cylindrical bearings, TBU bearings are a fully assembled unit, requiring no adjustment, extra lubrication, or tuning before installation. They increase load capacity, feature an extended warranty of up to eight years, and they’ll extend your overhaul mileage to as much as 800,000km.

Additional Advantages of Cartridge TBU Bearing:

  • Minimal torque under all load;
  • Minimal operating cost;
  • Higher efficiency for client;
  • Better consistency of grease for railway bearing seals;
  • Lower rolling resistance;
  • Makes it possible to reduce car repair costs for car owner

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