What do you look for in a company when considering a career?

A. Joining a company that is an industry leader
В. A multinational company that conducts business all over the world
C. A company that prides itself on employee development and values creative ideas and executes those ideas
D. All of the above

Amsted Rail is that company and it begins with EPK-Brenco!

Why EPK-Brenco?

EPK-Brenco offers employees the stability of an established industry leader that provides opportunities to learn, grow, advance and make a difference. We strive to be a company where people are attracted to a challenging and rewarding work place. We go to the extra efforts to make sure that employees are happy on the job - and away from it.

Career Development

At EPK-Brenco, our organization is only as strong as the people we employ. We are continuously evolving to meet the demands of our customers and the market in order to remain an industry leader, and we encourage our employees to do the same. To help employees continuously grow and develop in an ever-changing marketplace, we encourage all employees to take advantage of company provided training. EPK-Brenco believes in a process that builds our pipeline of talent for the future as well as create a rich and rewarding career experience.

Contact Us:

"EPK-Brenсo Bearing Company" Limited Liability Company

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Telephone:+7 (8452) 394-875

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